Team Away Days

Give your Team a creative boost at The Remakery.

Immerse your team in fun activities that will give them a break from the pressure of being driven and successful.  We provide a range of skills based workshops proven to increase brain function and relieve the effects of stress and anxiety. 


Experience the power of Community Systems Design with a one day sprint. Our experienced practitioners will guide your team through the process of creating implementable practical alternatives to real world issues. Unlock knew ways of thinking, and bring your team together aroung some of Brixton’s wicked problems. Who knows- your ideas may even come to life as part of The Remakery’s programme of systems design incubation.

Why bring your Team to the Remakery

Shake Things Up; No matter how important your work is, too much time on computers can harm well being amongst staff. Which means productivity can drop, and relationships can become tense. 

Deepen relationships; Remakery practitioners are skilled not just in opening up craft skills to all levels and abilities, but also in using the well being benefits of craft to build empathy and rejuvenate creativity and motivation.

Support our Community Work; In the community we do just that! By bringing your team here, you support us to do this crucial work, building confidence and empowerment through access to skills. 

New Experiences; Experience it for yourselves and support us to keep giving back to South London.

Prices from £35 per head for half day sessions. 

Local options for Catering available


” We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.”

-Native American proverb

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