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Our support

The organisation greatly appreciates the funding we received from The Community Fund in association with Together for our Planet.

The funding supplied in April 2022 provided much needed provision for The Remakery to share more detailed updates about current and past projects that have had a positive impact locally and we hope noteworthy for groups further afield.

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Project A3

What is Remaking?

Waste & Consumption filmmaking workshops delivered by Iconic Steps

Re-Fabricate insulation box

Circular Retrofit

Insulation from "waste" materials, a weekend workshop run by Re-Fabricate


Railton Rd Co-design

Street furniture design panel developed and run by Inuse Reuse and Urban Growth


Make & refashion

A textiles and refashion workshop programme, developing new skills in our community.

IMG_20230405_125628720 (1)

Saving Energy

Sharing knowledge and making energy saving improvements in the home.

Interested in running a project here?

Initially tell us a little bit about your idea. If your idea supports community carbon reduction and resources are available we'll support your project. Once the project is complete we'll ask you to fill in a project summary.